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frequently asked questions

do you use guns?

It is the position of the Association of Professional Piercers that only sterile disposable equipment is suitable for body piercing, and that only materials which are certified as safe for internal implant should be placed in inside a fresh or unhealed piercing. We consider unsafe any procedure that places vulnerable tissue in contact with either non-sterile equipment or jewelry that is not considered medically safe for long-term internal wear. Such procedures place the health of recipients at an unacceptable risk. 

While piercing guns may seem to be a quick, easy and convenient way of creating holes, they have major drawbacks in terms of sterility, tissue damage and inappropriate jewelry design.

More detailed information can be found by clicking here

how old does my child have to be?

We will pierce children as young as 8 Weeks with proof of TDAP, and we also offer our services to teens and adults.

what type of jewelry do you use?

We only use titanium jewelry for all of our initial piercings. Titanium is implant grade metal is completely allergy free. This helps speed up healing and eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction during the healing process. We do not pierce with any other metal for this reason. Once healed you may change the jewelry out to any type you wish. 

can i bring my own jewelry?

Sorry, no. We will only pierce with our own jewelry for all of out initial piercings.

do i need to bring anything with me?

For any piercing of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign a consent form. Proof positive, state issued photo identification is required from the legal guardian, and a bona fide form of identification from the minor. In the event the parent has a different last name and/or address from the child, court documentation is needed to prove the relationship, i.e., divorce papers, or a remarriage certificate. For Children under 1yo we also request you bring proof of TDAP shot. 

how early should i arrive?

You should plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out client paperwork. If you are planning on electing the use of a numbing agent please allow 30 mins for proper effectiveness.

how Much do i tip my piercer?

Piercers are like just like people in any other service industry. When working for a shop they only receive a small portion of what you pay for your piercing and that is why tipping is really important. A minimum of 20% is typically appropriate, and more if your piercer did an exceptional job. Your tip can be left in cash or added to your total if you are paying with a card. 

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